Need Assistance w/ Artist Identification on this Large Pendant/Pin

Hello Friends,
Long time, no talk! I haven’t received a lot of crazy interesting stuff to share with you all from our shop. However, I have attained this just today, and am unable to decipher the artist based on the pictograph shown on reverse. Looked on my main artist hallmark websites I often reference, and found nothing. In short: It’s sterling silver, measures 2-1/4"in. length and 1-3/4"in. width. I am not sure on the composition of the stone, either. Resembles Onyx, but it might not be. The pictograph resembles a longhorn bull with a feather off its left horn; followed by a .925 stamp below it. Thanks in advance for anyone who can assist me. Happy Monday.

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this thread might help narrow it down a little


Thanks so much Steve! That was indeed very helpful. The logo on their piece in that thread matches mine perfectly. :smiley: