Need help identifying a Large Turquoise Pendant Signed JD?

I’ve searched extensively with no luck. It’s definitely an older piece. Only signed with what looks like JD. No sterling or 925 mark. If you look to the right above the leaf it looks like something might have been soldered there. Any guess on what? Maybe a floral decoration. Any guess on the type of turquoise?
Thanks so much!!:blush:

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I didn’t have any luck finding this hallmark either. It is interesting that Jeanette Dale uses a hallmark similar to this. She has been making jewelry for a very long time, maybe this is an early mark? It could have had a blossom above the leaf, also could have been where the solder ran from attaching the leaf. It is always hard to tell a piece of turquoise when it has changed color and you don’t have a bunch of rock to look at. Good luck with finding out about the hallmark.

As always I really appreciate your help! I do think the leaf was attached there. I’m afraid to push it back up because it may break.
I see there’s some new hallmark books out. American Indian Jewelry By Gregory Shaaf
There’s 3 books in the series. Have you seen them and do you recommend them? They’re pretty pricey.

I have them and did look for your hallmark to no avail. They are great books from an academic standard. In my humble opinion they are not easy to use. I am reorganizing the information to make them easier to use for identification. I would suggest Hougart’s Southwest hallmarks book before shelling out a bunch on the Shaaf books. It is far more intuitive to use, and reasonably priced.

Great! I really appreciate it. I already purchased the “Hallmarks of the Southwest” and it’s pretty helpful. I like that it gives a little bit of background on the artists. I have some Zuni pieces coming in that are signed but I can’t find any artist information. Do you know of any good websites that might help. I use a lot and I think it has a great amount of hallmark pics.
Thanks so much Christi!

That is the best online that I have found. Some others are:

Awesome! I looked for Hougart’s Southwest hallmarks book and it’s sold out almost everywhere. The two I did find were $125 and $350!!! If you ever see one less expensive please let me know.
Thanks again for all your help!

Most authors of books carry around copies of their books for promotional events and sell them directly. You could maybe message Mr. Hougart on his Facebook page.

Or try here:

Edited to Add: That is Mr. Hougart on eBay selling directly.