Need help identifying Navajo bracelet and ring

I need some help in identifying these pieces that came from my husband’s,

grandmother’s estate. I believe that she bought both of these while traveling through the Southwest, probably before 1960. There is a hallmark on both pieces that depict 3 raindrops, a lightning bolt and the letter G. There is no silver mark on either piece, but I believe them to be silver. Thanks!


Couldn’t find a mark that matched this. The work does look Navajo, would believe that they are newer than pre 1960s. Great looking piece.

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Thanks for your input. I’ve been looking high and low for this mark. You may be right about the age, but with all due respect, I am fairly certain that these are pre-1960, because the woman that owned them died in the mid-60s. They also have a wonderful patina and heft to them. I hope that someone can tell me more about the mark.