Need help identifying please.

Hi, so my husband got some rocks from his grandfather and we had one cut up so we can make jewelry but I’m not sure what kind of turquoise it is. Can anyone help me please?

Not entirely sure this is turquoise, it looks more like variscite to me. I’m not sure is you’re familiar with variscite, but basically variscite and turquoise are identical on a structural level, but variscite basically contains a few elements & minerals that turquoise lacks. Variscite is rarer than turquoise, although it is debateable where or not it is more valueable. Yours looks very high grade.

Very Nice! Could be variscite or maybe damele. Beautiful stuff, that will make some great looking jewelry.

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Thank you!! You both were great help and I appreciate your feedback. I’m thinking the consensus is veriscite.

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