Need help Identifying this Concho belt **Please help***

I found a concho belt in a storage garage in a Philly. I knew right away it was old and important. The conchos are very large and beautifully inscribed. All 10 pieces have a lapis stone set in the center. There are 9 conchos and one matching buckle strung along a brown leather belt. The belt’s total length is 47", the conchos diameter are 3.5" each and the total weight of the belt is 1lb 12 oz. I cant tell exactly when or where this piece comes from. The woman I bought it from simply said, " I bought it in the south west." I woukd like someones help identifying this pieces history and a possible value. Thanks.

Hello, thanks for sharing. It is a beautiful piece. I don’t believe this to be an old belt. The leather has some wear but it doesn’t seem to show an old age like you would see in an antique piece. Also, the lapis stones and stamp work reveal a newer piece. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be 20 - 30 years old, but I wouldn’t think any older than that. Belts that have that piece of leather backing the conchos always look very impressive. I don’t get a feel of silver weight from the pictures and that would have a lot to do with value on this piece. From the image I would imagine if we had this piece it would be around $2000 - $2500. Hope that helps.

Jason, thank you soo much. This really helps!