Need Help identifying this Hallmark pls?

Looks to be like a teepee? Any help would be appreciated. thank you!


Thank you for sharing. I came across a hallmark attributed to a Rick Morrow. Can you supply a picture of the work so I can see what the style is? Thank you.

thank you! yes, i’ve uploaded the image.

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This style looks Navajo. That is a very good looking bracelet. I couldn’t find anything made by Rick Morrow to compare this piece with. I am sorry but I am not able to find anything, good luck.

Thanks Jason! Any idea what type of turquoise this could be and what era? - thanks for all your help! appreciate it!!

The bracelet doesn’t look that old. The turquoise has a very interesting look. It almost looks like it could be a piece of Bisbee. Is the picture show the true color?

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