Need help identifying this Silver Pearl & Barrel Necklace Mark on the pearl nearest the clasp!

This indented mark appears to be JPAC. The necklace is pearl & barrel beads, possibly Navajo?
Does anyone have an idea to the maker of this necklace and mark?

<img src="/uploads/db1846/original/2X/4/4c8bd3e539f29baaaa9ed95dedc1b8aa88b9f8dd.jpg" width="288" height="246">

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Hello, thanks for sharing. Is the mark a stamp or etched? This looks like a very nice necklace and would be Navajo made. If you can please provide a picture of the mark, thank you.

It appears to be a stamp & not etched. Also, the J does not appear to connect at the top to the right making a P.

I am having no luck finding anything, so I am going to give you a possibility. I doubt that four letters are the initials for one person. Many of the artists I know don’t even use a middle name. So, I am going with two different artists. I can’t really make out the first set of initials and couldn’t find any bead makers that went with a conjoined JP. That led me to the AC which I find a name Albert McCabe associated with such a hallmark. We buy beads from an artist by the name of James McCabe, nice beads like these. I did research on his name and didn’t find silver beads, but did find a similar AC. This is a big assumption, but many times that is what we have to go on. Good luck.