Need help identifying turquoise and coral bracelet

Hello all,
Ihave a bracelet with hand engraved markings . The letters : RC and what looks like over lapping 7s. Not marked as sterling silver. All in all a pretty rough job with solder splatter on the back , maybe someone’s first or near first attempt of making a bracelet?
Any and all info or comments are appreciated.
Thank you.

Found this name Ramos Chavez and did a Google search. Not much out there but you are able to see the stamped hallmark that looks like your etched one. Some artist will etch their hallmark if they don’t have it with them or forgot. Edison Sandy Smith has done this several times for me when he makes something where he has forgotten his hallmark.

Jason, does this scream Bisbee to you?

It is difficult to tell from the picture. It does have a similarity to Bisbee, but also Kingman. You usually see quartz like that in Kingman, need a better picture of the stone.

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