Need Help in Identifying Turquoise

This was Mother’s necklace, (mid 80"s) she had claimed stones were Morenci.
I would like to know definitively if they are Morenci & if not what they are/or could be.
No markings on back of piece,

I need the forums prowess on identifying … thank you


I have not seen a lot of morenci with tan matrix. Red and brown yes, but not tan. Of course, that does not mean it does not exist.

I have seen morenci with green in it, but it was not as prevalent and more of a forest dark green. Of course, it could be morenci that has started to change color. This may make sense as to me the stones in these photos lack the “morenci” blue. I would have also expected more matrix.

Does it have pyrite inclusions? Hard to tell from the pics.

Some of those greens remind me of Fox mine. I actually think you have two mines here. Fox(?) for the two center flanked by (?).

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Possibly, but I also think you have two different stones here. That bottom stone is something else.

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Thank you Michael-CA… I was looking at Fox mine pictures on the Nevada Gem web site. Also; as you mentioned, the Morenci pics are quite blue in comparison… Necklace has been around as I recall her mentioning it was obtained via Barter…From whence it came, or age I’m simply not sure ,.Just her calling it her “Morenci” piece quite fondly… I really appreciate both yours and Jason’s Input… Many thanks! J

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I spotted on Four Winds Gallery this Ray Bennett Royston turquoise… Could the turquoise in my necklace be Royston? I’m Posting a pic of what I found,
(A Big Shout Out to AC for posting Link to Four Winds Gallery Last Year!!!) there is so much information on that link… anyhoots, i’d appreciate ya’ls opinion again. Thanks!



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To me that bottom stone looks like it could be Royston

Works for me, Four Winds in Pittsburgh?

Thank you all… :slight_smile: . Jason, Four Winds Gallery, Naples FL 34102. They have a wealth of information… showing works of several well known artisans and their hallmarks.

  • i couldn’t copy the link…

I have been to Four Winds Gallery in Pittsburgh, I could spend the day in there. I bought a bracelet but have trouble reading the hallmark. I’d be broke if I lived in Pittsburgh!!

I don’t think Royston turquoise is known to have black chert in the matrix, which I see yours does. The color is similar, but matrix doesn’t lie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Pilot Mountain usually has similar colors to Royston and also contains black chert (I’m not saying yours is or isn’t Pilot Mountain/Royston, I’m just trying to help identify some potential mines)


Thanks @Bigbree43, any and all suggestions are most welcome! :wink:

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