Need help to ID type of turquoise in strand and approximate age

I think this is an older strand because of the type of clasp. hangs approximately 15.5" long. Looks like faded green. Any info appreciated (type of turquoise, age, value). Thanx!

Hello, thanks for sharing. That clasp doesn’t appear to be old, what makes you believe it is an old clasp? When I enlarge the picture the stones go out of focus, could you possibly send an another image?

let me try again with a camera.

let’s try these photos. I meant it was an “old-fashioned” clasp, but is shiny new. Maybe these are just junkie nuggets or chips or whatever they are called.


It seems that your strands could be various types of turquoise. Often times, companies that process turquoise stones will have small stones left over after cutting off the best pieces, and rather than wasting them, they turn them into beads. Although your clasp is “old style,” it seems to be fairly new. I would say that your strands are a modern piece, post- 1980, perhaps. As for a value, I would sell this in my store for $25.

You so much for your response. I did learn that the stones may be from northern Arizona mines a place starting with a t