Need help with authentication

Hello! I purchased this ring at an estate sale years ago. I am unsure whether the stone is real or not. I have done the acetone test and hot pin test and it passed both. Any help in identification or authenticity of the stone would be greatly appreciated!


It looks like a nice ring with some age to it. The turquoise has been shaped and is surrounded by a nice stamped bezel. There is a hallmark at the very bottom edge but I can’t get it big enough to see The whole thing. Looks like R…
I’m sure some of the other more knowledgeable people on here will be able to offer more information. Welcome to the forum.

Hello and thank you for your response! The ring is stamped Sterling, I think. I’ll add another photo.

You cut off the hallmark. The sterling is easy to read. The hallmark is on the very edge under sterling-right on the point of the bottom



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I sure did! I didn’t even notice that stamp. Guess I came to the right place lol!

Thank you for enlarging that!