Need help with identifying Bolo artist

I have two beautiful sterling Bolo ties that are quite old. The one with the turquoise has a hallmark that is the letter H and the other one has no mark at all. Does anyone know if the round one looks like it could be Hopi. If anyone knows that would be really helpful.
Thanks for the input!

Nice Bolo’s. I was unable to find a definitive hallmark for the Turquoise one. Looking at it I don’t see it being an “old piece”. The bevel looks more prefab to me. The round one is what caught my interest at this auction as well. It does look like Hopi Overlay technique. This technique is not exclusive to the Hopi. There are Navajo that utilize this technique as well. While they both have bolo slides that were used early on, I don’t think of these as definitive in aging the pieces. These were used both before and after the Bennett locking slide. I look at these and see them as 70’s or 80’s. My humble opinion and I would defer to the pro’s of course.

Thank you for your input!