Need help with makers mark fabulous bracelet

Any help with hallmark EV. Can’t find on any hallmark sites

Hello, I would not think this to be Native American made. That would partly explain the inability to find the hallmark if you’re checking the usual books and references for Navajo etc. hallmarks.

How was this represented to you by the seller?

Welcome to the forum. I couldn’t find anything on the hallmark. That branch coral bead set around the set turquoise does create a different look. Do you have any additional information? where purchased? what you were told when purchased? Anything helps. If I was told this wad Native American made I wouldn’t be surprised.

Thanks for response. I had a gut feeling it was not a Navajo piece. Stylistically it just didn’t look right. Odd silver work on the sides. So I didn’t end up buying it. Wondered if I made a mistake, seems I didn’t. Thank. Love the forum very informative

Bali, nepal or tibet. Tons are flooding the marked right now. Pretty though!


Agree with Christobo. Not Native American or even domestic. Hallmark is made with a single straight stamp used to (poorly) form charaters.

Looks Asian, possibly (probably) Thai or Bali.

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