Need help with Mark on old belt, plus, does it look like silver?

Age, Value & anything else that you can think of would be greatly appreciated, as well!

To me, it looks like a “P”, with an arrow coming out of it?

Then I thought, maybe it’s a pic of the sunrise (the arrow indicating it’s rising, not setting?)

The only thing I really know is it’s old. How old, I don’t know, but at least 50 years.
Everything I show here I put up for auction on eBay. I don’t know if anyone remembers my Sidney Hoohee Needlepoint Squash, but it’s up on eBay now & nobody’s bid on it!? Kinda sad, really…
Anyway, THANKS for your help, opinions, knowledge, etc.

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l Would love to see what you have on Ebay. l started as a Store Owner over decade ago. Have great feedback etc, l as Well have to Sell a # of things jewelry being one. Love the belt. Tend to go for Buckles Bolo Cuff Pins.On this belt the Main buckle and it Stones are stunning.
In the hope Someone will correct me,l think the following. Circa late 1950S 60s latest Value As YOU know, there is
what a City Jeweler marks it at and what will Make it jell on Ebay. More Items in Your Store better traffic helps, if you Can add it to a large Native Art Seller on Ebay, not always a option but it helps. If I needed it, $ 850 is my very low Must Sell Now, 750 Lowest. l am not takeIng the Hallmark or the fact if a bit of Leather work will Make it appeal to Some. Not appeal to others, If Hallmark represents a well Known,1200 or Up. Very nice.

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Thanks for the reply!
I only have a few things on eBay now, peteg601 is me… 100% rating, so far!
I’m an individual, no store.
Kinda hoping someone will recognize the Hallmark?
I’m pretty sure it’s native American, Navajo made?
Most of the stuff I’ve ‘inherited’ (for lack of a better word) is Navajo.
I will be posting more pics of stuff soon.
I don’t really wear any jewelry, so it’s all going up for sale!


If you spell his name correctly as “Hooee” rather than Hoohee – there is no second “h” in his name – the listing may come up in search for people who know who he is.

I see a lot of watchers on that auction. You may need to be patient. It is a wonderful necklace and the right buyer will treasure it.

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Lol… Thanks!
It doesn’t surprise me, the misspelling… & speaking of patience…
Thanks for your patience with me, as I’m an idiot!
It got 2 bids in the last 3 seconds & sold for $1400…
eBay’s not the place it used to be, a few years back, imo.

Do you recognize the Hallmark on the belt by any chance?

Again, TY for your time & info!

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