Need help with the hallmark and turquoise

Hi i’m dying know if anyone can identify the maker of this piece. there is a name done in cursive. And can anyone tell me about the turquoise, as well as anything else that you feel is important.



I suspect the engraving says Mae Anton, can’t quite make out the first part as it is turned away a bit. My guess that it may have been a previous owners name. I don’t get the impression from the photos that it is very old. I would defer to the pros of course.

Thank you for your reply Christibo. I have added another photo. would you be able to say where the turquoise is from.
Best Warren

Pictures are not that great. Really need a close and in focus look, but I am going to guess at Morenci given the amount of Pyrite that is showing. Here is a link to just one site that may help you.

You might try doing some research with the last name Norton. The last name Anton is usually spelled with an e at the end. This is a really nice squash blossom and I would also call this Morenci.