Need help with turquoise, hallmark and value of this pretty blue ring

This little gem came to me today courtesy of a friend who knows I love turquoise. I’m wondering if it might be Kingman. I have searched reference books and online all afternoon but haven’t found the hallmark. I have found several possibilities on the K L but nothing with the symbol that to me looks like an arrow with a snake entwined around it.
I am also curious about an approximate date and value. Any help will be appreciated!


Beautiful ring. I think you are right on the turquoise. Your ring does look like it has some age and the silver seems worn around the edges. I would guess 20 - 30 years old. It is a nice size, $120.

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Thanks for your help. I got carried away one rainy day and posted a lot. It’s been a week or so but if you happen across any of them I’d love your opinions.
Love this site! See some really cool stuff.