Need to find out who is the maker

i tried so many web sites but can not find out who is the maker , can you please help me thanks

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/f44b38ce6580b5980fae873e8bd591f437aa4886.jpg">

I have not found anything, can you send me a picture of the front, thank you.

this sign is on both of the items.On the back of the watch it says " Southwest traditions" and there is a logo. on the ring just this sign. thanks for your help. sy

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/a36c8948cb757d4e7ea9fbc8e6c4dbca45762bf8.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/e6ca4ea9a8c93e50e7d146859064da3ae03f8d65.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/f8bcbe906e7d4761aa4ad07a569188442c95439b.jpg">

Hi folks, this is the hallmark of Carolyn Pollack.

hi , her marks are cresent moon and R . i thought too but its not , its someone else mark .thanks

Hi abba, you’re correct, the Crescent R is for Relios jewelry, which is a line of jewelry also sold by Carolyn Pollack, I believe designed in collaboration with various Native American artists. But the mark on your pieces is also a Carolyn Pollack hallmark.

If you go to the bottom of the letter “C” section of this hallmark site, it shows that both of the hallmarks are associated with Carolyn Pollack, side by side:

Hope this helps,

Yes you are right. thank you for the info. you solved the problem . thank you again