Need value of Wayne Silvers Cuff with Road Runner inlay

Thanks in advance for your help!
I’ve seen a similar cuff with a Cardinal instead of a Road Runner, they’re asking $1298, but have it reduced to $467 right now.
The lowest I’ve had this ‘up for bids’ on eBay was $299, but I get no bids!
Is it not worth $299? It weighs 103.7 grams.

There are a couple chips in the inlay, if you look closely, one tail & one cactus. The crack in one piece of turquoise, as well. I don’t know how much that devalues it… hope someone can help!


I paid $30 to get a single needlepoint stone replaced in a vintage bracelet. This work was done by the great staff at Old Town Jewels in Scottsdale. So now I keep that in mind whenever I am tempted to bid on something that I find irresistible, even though it’s damaged – I have a maximum that I won’t exceed. So my answer to you is yes, the cracks devalue your cuff, and you’d have to get an estimate on repairs to figure out just how much.

I think there are some pieces that you have to be patient with. They have to stay listed for a while until the right person finds them. There are things I’ve watched for six months or more, myself.