Needlepoint squash blossom

Hello everyone!

I’d like to ID the maker of this needlepoint squash blossom I’ve had for about 10 years (pawn shop buy, no info). Looks like the signature is LM (handwritten). After some research I concluded Lorna Mahkee but while the center leaf design appears to have been used by her before (except reversed) the stones on mine are cut differently than her usual style which is more rounded… After asking around, I’ve had some say: nah can’t be her re stone cut, other say yeah definitely her. Tried to reach out to her but no answer… Any one here have answers? Thank you!


That name makes the most sense when you research Lorna Mahkee and Zuni needlepoint squash blossom.

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Thank you Jason. I know it does. But I am puzzled by the very different way the stones are cut. All the pieces I have seen of hers have rounded turquoise. Maybe this is an older piece of hers before she began rounding the stones…

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I do see what you are referring to. It could be the material, something stabilized vs natural?