New 2 Me Cuff

Hi all, it’s been a while since I have posted, so I thought I would share this cuff I recently purchased. I don’t know anything about it at all. I found it in a little shop not too far away.

I injured both my wrist and wearing my cuffs became too painful, so when I saw this man’s cuff I gave it a try. I wore it all day with no pain which was just wonderful to me :smiley: My only beef is while I was paying they started trying to clean it and I didn’t notice until it was too late. I clean my cuffs but I don’t touch the blackened area on top and they polished away several spots, unfortunately. While trying on different cuffs, I did notice that I am a bit more partial to nuggets more than polished cabs. The cuff was marked down and as is because one has a fracture and some are turning green but I didn’t mind that at all. My guess for these stones is of course kingman :grin:


What a wonderful bracelet. I always preferred nuggets. They look like Blue Gem to me. Attached are some of mine from the 80s. Blue Gem was one of my favorites.

We used Hil-Ox oxidizer back in the day. It was by far the best. Indian Jewelers Supply sold it. It was manufactured by Hiles Plating in Missouri. The President of the company said her father sold the formula to Rio Grande. Rio would not respond to my inquiry as to why they would not manufacture it. Typical corporate attitude. I still have some if you are ever down my way we can re-oxidize your bracelet.


Hi Steve, Thanks so much. That would be awesome and thanks for your thoughts on the stones. Blue gem is a fave of mine. I can never tell what the stones are, so I think it’s best to buy what you like and enjoy it :grinning:


Hi CyanideRose18! I noticed you hadn’t posted in a while, and I was hoping you were okay.

Beautiful cuff! I’m like you, I don’t mind when the stones turn color - I kind of prefer it sometimes. I don’t know what I would guess on those stones. I have an older buckle with some stones that remind me a bit of yours. I had always assumed they were Kingman, but a lady that fixed some of my jewelry at a shop in Sedona (and seemed to know her stuff), felt like mine could be Morenci. Although there is a tiny bit of pyrite in mine. Whatever, yours are really pretty! I wouldn’t worry about the crack either. I know it brings down the value of a piece, but I have several pieces that have cracked stones, and none of them have gotten worse.

I feel you on the polishing. I inherited a buckle from my mom which she bought in '69, and the stone was loose. I had it fixed at a place in ABQ. They did a great job, but sent it back to me quite polished. I let it sit out for a long time and it looks good now, but but that taught me to be very specific when I get something fixed.


Hi Ziacat, Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate it. It’s been a bit of a rough road but I’m definitely on the mend. As I get older, I have learned to pivot and try other ways of enjoying the things I like and this man’s cuff fit the bill :grin:

I love vintage pieces and just figured some cracks and changes just come with age and wear. Lots of old pieces still have a lot of life left and are still quite lovely. There is a jeweler here that scraps all of her Native American pieces that she gets in from folks pawning them at her shop. I ask her to pull them out and let me buy some from her, she said it’s too much work digging for them. I just cringe when I pass her shop and I haven’t been in since. What a waste. The shop I found this cuff at is all vintage, so I was like a kid in a candy store. I will definitely been spending too much money there :laughing:


Glad you’re on the mend. And hey, I see a lot bigger cuffs I would buy if they fit, so you just have different options now.

I’m glad you buy as much as you can; I just can’t fathom scrapping all that stuff. I guess not enough people buy it. I ended up with almost all of my mom’s stuff, cause the rest of the family doesn’t wear it. I don’t think vintage/antique shops hear in northern IN have much Native American jewelry, so I don’t even bother.


It’s pretty big at 149 grams but I’m used to wearing heavy silver bracelets. Finding Native American jewelry here is pretty difficult too. I have searched for quite some time. I went it to look for vintage opal jewelry and got lucky. Most places here have cheap stuff that they think is worth a lot.

I’m glad you have your mom’s pieces. That seems like the norm lately. None of my in-laws wanted any of their parent’s jewelry and I ended up with all of it. I sent pieces to family members in other states that I thought would want something to remember them. I kept a ring of hers and while I don’t wear it much, I am happy to have it and it reminds me of her every time I go in my jewelry box :smiley:


Beautiful cuff I love chunky :heart_eyes: