New cabs from Tucson show, any recommendations on native artists that can make them into jewelry?

I just got these cabs at the Tucson show. Any suggestions of native artists that do custom work?


Here’s two more.


Hi Emily, Great Cabs, I especially like the Morenci. I’ve dealt with a-couple artists, but as you likely know there is a lot of variety in the types of jewelry out there. I’d suggest you research jewelry produced by a variety of artists, then contact them to discuss what you’d like (ie, rings, cuffs, cast vs. wire forms, etc.). Not to long ago @Bigbree43 posted a great reference of vetted Native American artists with links to their websites and contacts. You can search her posts, find the reference, then look at their style and contact them. Good luck😀

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I found the document posted by BigBree. Hope it helps:


I would also suggest you find a style or artist you like. I really like Jessie Monongya. But I sure as heck can’t afford him. LOL
Some artist will try to copy the style of another, but most resist this and use their own stamps and style. If you want something like a butterfly bracelet, then there are many who will do this. If you want something like Loloma, Monongya, Willie or others then you will have a hard time with it. If the artist you like is not on the list which is posted above then don’t give up.
Jason, our host, can put you in touch with a number of artists who bring items into the trading post. I had some work done years ago buy Melvin Francis when he was just starting out and was doing work on the side for Perry. Billy Malone put me in touch with Herman Smith who did work for me. There is also Joe Tanner who knows just about everybody there is to know. All of these people will help you find an artist to do your work for you. But it most definitely helps if you have an idea of what you want and pictures to back it up. There is a lot of thought to designing a piece, from the thickness of the silver, bezel style, stamp work, appliques. I could go on and on.
Either that or have a lot of money to spend and just say “have at it”.


Jonathan McKinney - Acoma. All original design. Works with fine gems as well.

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What is the last stone, its very beautiful?

I don’t know, it wasn’t labeled and the vendor didn’t say.