New earrings ❤️

Bought myself a pair of earrings I’ve been coveting. I think they will go great with my fav necklaces. Tho, I may need to fabricate some post rather than leave on wires. Love them!


Gorgeous pieces :heart_eyes: They look great together.

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Gorgeous! Are they vintage? The whole collection is :heart_eyes:


Lovely. Remind me of Navajo Jacia style.


The earrings are new, bought from a NA jewelry maker I found on IG. I don’t know the age of the necklaces; but I have had the spiny oyster jaclas (restrung into a necklace), for roughly 35 years and it was not new when I bought it, I think I was told from the 60’s. The necklace with the jacla with jet corn comes from an inherited jewelry horde.


Those are beautiful! So wish I could wear earrings like that but my right earlobe is a little too stretched out - too many long heavy ones back in my 20’s prob.

Are they Santo Domingo? Love the necklaces too.


Love all of these. The jet corn tabs are so unusual.


Love Jocklas! Used to wear a double Jockla choker ca.1972- 76 around Gallup, at work as a Silversmith at the trading company, bartending at the “Talk of the Town”, El Rancho, and Scarlet Lantern. They were all the rage at the time, and the more authentic, the better. If you didn’t have one, your were a total square. Especially among the hippie silversmith crowd - Bobby Mcgee (honestly) Jana Mitchell, Chimino Chavez, Winter Laite, Pete Shultze (Running Bear), Forrest and Tom Case, James Rogers, Rich Talbot, and yours truly.


Well… aren’t you cool! :grinning: what great memories you must have of that time. Must have been great…

Post removed - misunderstanding.

No, no - I absolutely didn’t mean it in any way other than envy. I would have loved to be there

Sorry - tone doesn’t translate well . No offense at all. Sorry if it came across otherwise. No offense at all intended.


I’ll take you at your word.

Congratulations on your purchase. The Joclas are outstanding!

I hope you do, sincerely no malice from me. …forgot we don’t know each other. I envy your time with friends & memories. I loved my studio mates & show friends and miss that camaraderie.


I think you both seem pretty cool! No sarcasm at all, just admiration for your talents.

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If you didn’t have one were you “busted flat in Baton Rouge”?