New Finds on Etsy & Poshmark today, Oh Boy!

While researching both sites, i came across This pair of repousse earrings R & G Daye, for $49… This inlay cross by Zeno & Mary Ann Edaakie . $29…
And a pendant not marked any idea who? one page said SL hallmark ,pd $40

IMG_7540 IMG_7544


Prime rib with gravy…mmmm (from the 2nd pic.) :drooling_face: Just the words make me hungry!! (oops the word’s not gravy, it starts ga and not gr.)

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Haaaa . Prime rib w/ garlic!..
Btw: that cross (pic) by Zeno Edaakie, for $29.00, (first pic was on Ebay).Seller notified me she had “lost the cross”…,I compared photos & I almost fell out of the chair thinking I had found such a deal. I had to share that… :slight_smile:

That bites! (which also goes for the prime rib w/ garlic, but in a good way) :slightly_smiling_face:

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