New Guy-Need help on a belt buckle-Robt. Kelly

I just purchased this on E-Bay and love the buckle but I’m having trouble finding a belt to fit it…The belt loop is 1 1/2" but is too small to get the end of the belt through to cinch it. I’ve measured the opening and it’s 1 1/2" wide but only 5/16" high at the most so two layers of regular western belt leather won’t go through. I don’t want to use a wimpy thin leather belt…Is my only fix to have a new bigger belt holder put on it? Is this something any jeweler can do? Please help.Thanks
PS-I’d post pictures but not sure how to do on this forum-sorry

A good saddle shop or leather shop can provide an extender that will fit the buckle as is. The extender is sewn onto a good wider leather belt at the appropriate length, both sides. Sort of like a belt over a belt in the front. I don’t have a photo of that. Sometimes you will find an old Southwestern leather watch strap that is made like that. The problem with changing the bar that the belt flips over is that the heat from a torch will change the patina and likely damage the turquoise. A jeweler with a laser welder would be a better option, but from your photos, doesn’t look like you will gain much. Good luck.

We can have this done here in the store. If interested it would be $20.

Perry Null Trading Co.
1710 S 2nd Street
Gallup, NM 87301

Thanks Jason. Sounds very fair. My computer is down-I’m using my phone to reply. I’ll get back to you for details when it’s fixed. Thanks again.