New Items Turquoise

Few new items, Enjoy


All are so neat but I’m in love with that owl. Thanks for posting so I could get a peek at it. Darlene


Thank yo, I am happy you enjoyed them. I will add Artists names.

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Are those cufflinks by John Leekity?

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I would like to hope so.:slight_smile:

For the owl, I’m going to say Porfilio and Ann Sheyka. I love its expression and human-looking eyes. It looks like it’s in on a private joke.


Yes! I apologize, been busy busy! Yes, u nailed both! The eyes were part of the reason for purchase.

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No idea on the comb, going to guess. Here’s the only thing I know: The large silver beads next to the round cabochons have a Simplicio look, with a simple center and lines radiating outward from them. But the stones aren’t nuggety-looking like Simplicio’s work. So this is probably one of the other master silversmiths. This is not Juan de Dios, is it, because I think of his work as being looser?


The comb is a new piece by Navajo silversmith Martha Cayatineto,…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…0.19.1699…0j0i67k1j0i24k1.0.yWmPTng9-aU. Very nice pieces.

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Jason. Been extremely busy as of late. Thanks for taking the time to look up the Comb. I posted it to Historic Jewelry Zuni Group, people were drawn to it. I love the simple, clean lines. As well, when I purchased this for a Lady, it looked lovely on. In fact, I was considering something Horrid to most people. It meant a lot to my Wife of 23 years, she passed recently. I was considering removing the stone for a mans ring. I do not think I can do that, its to nice a Work. I do need help finding someone reasonable in cost and trusted, for a Saddle Ring missing a stone, as well as Raised, flat inlay pieces that need new small chips of stone. Can you possibly recommend a good repair Artist? Regardless, Best over the Holidays.

Saef, Greetings. I happen to have a close friend that shares your name. I just now noticed your involved with Perry Null? I am always drooling over items on Perry Null. I appreciate your help. I am very pleased its real Turquoise, and that Jason found the Artist. I imagine you have some incredible works, love to see some. Best, Jon

I am getting an education here. That piece by Cayatino? I did not spot the contemporary piece among the vintage classic Zuni pieces. What great work that woman is doing.

We do repairs here at the shop. If interested you can send the item to:

Perry Null Trading Company
Attention Tony
1710 S 2nd Street.
Gallup, NM 87301

Stone replacement usually is around $10.

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Mr. Scrivener, I am not employed by Perry Null. I’m just a collector who comes here for conversation and puzzles and to get answers and learn things. Jason is employed by Perry Null, as you can see.

I love the Owl. I had run across an article about Native American Animal Symbols and Zodiac Sign Meanings and discovered that the Owl was for November 23 – December 21. My wife had a Stroke back in 2006 and lost memory and speech. She was like a little child for about the first 3 years of her recovery. My daughter-in-law started teaching her the ABC’s and Animals using Flash Cards. She worked with her daily and the hardest thing for her to remember while learning with the Animal Flash Cards was the Owl. She knew it was a bird, but could not tell what kind. She has recovered very well and last month I found out that the Owl was her Symbol. November 26. I told her about the Native American Animal Symbols and that hers was the Owl. Last month while we were at Canton, Tx First Monday Trade Days, we found her an Owl Pendent that was made back in the 40’s. So that being said, we will be looking for Owl Jewelry.

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