New - Need help with unmarked cuff

I bought what was called a “man’s cuff bracelet” in the early 80’s. No visible hallmarks, but the cuff is solid, sturdy and has a (to me, at least) simple grace of design. I would like to know more if possible.


Without a hallmark it is going to be very difficult to determine the maker. The stone looks like a nice piece of Kingman with quartz and pyrite. I have heard the bezel referred to as fancy bezel, it is purchased at the supply houses. If the artist was making more than one he could have used the numbers to identify which stone went with which bezel. He bezels the stones and then takes the stone out to do the soldering, it is quick to have a number 4 on the stone and 4 on the silver to set them.

Thanks, Jason! I knew it would be a long shot. Knowing the probable source for the stone is a good thing, but I was more hoping that the style would be a clue; maybe someone had seen something similar (…I never have, so far). And the cantilevered stone is certainly distinctive.

I am wondering now if this is an Aaron Anderson piece… I just spotted several cuffs he has made which have very similar design elements: the thick polished triangular band in a V or wing curve, the single, cantilevered/offset stone.

Does anyone have a contact for him, to verify?

I doubt it, in the early 1980s Aaron was in elementary/middle school.

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You’re right. But, I wonder if he knows who it might be? The style aesthetic is rather similar; perhaps a relative?

I asked Aaron if he recognized it and he didn’t give me any suggestions of who it might be.

Thank you! Oh, well. Guess it will remain a mystery…

another keyword you can add to your wild card image search string - crown bezel


I was struck more by the contemporary design, and the structural qualities… which seemed so close to what Aaron is/was doing. His work was the first time I have seen anything even close to what my cuff looks like. It really caught my eyes when I first saw it, and it still has that same allure today. If I can afford it, I may look into buying Aaron’s work in the future…since he has a design aesthetic I love!
(But, since I am never going to sell this piece, the information would be purely for the knowledge, and not for any provenance or resell value.)

I have one similar and love this also

The stone looks to be a piece of Chinese turquoise. It seams like the one end has a hallmark? Can you give us a better image of that?

Roger Apachito is the signature on this cuff

Thank you, took me a while to get back on here, busy these days!
Didn’t know anything about this Cuff or artist and hoping to find out more about it