New Rough Turquoise ID

I just purchased this 1.5 lb. of turquoise. Was told it was from a variety of mines. Put a quarter in first photo for size reference.
Am interested in knowing locations/ID of those labeled in the second photo. One is much larger than the rest and feel I can get some good cabs from it.

I think I know the mines from a couple, but would appreciate confirmation.

Thank you.


I do not know anything about rough turquoise. It would be great if someone knowledgeable on what to look for would chime in. I like the colors in your mix. What do you look for when buying?

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Normally look for old stock from known mines.
This was a grab bag purchase of newly mined Turquoise from private claims, but I liked the colors/patterns.

Here are some more photos, taken dry.
The smaller. darker ones are mostly a non-magnetic, silver colored metal. I like the “splotches” of Turquoise in them.
The lighter, blue ones remind me of Kingman.

I really like the colors as well. It looks like you got some decent sizes too. I recently bought a few smaller stones, I was curious and wanted too see some in person hoping to learn a little. Chinese turquoise I believe.