New to this stone real?

Good morning. I tried to post last night, but maybe didn’t do something right - it didn’t show up. I decided to try again and take pictures in the sunlight - so hopefully it will be easier to see this stone.

The ring was purchased from ebay several months ago. I was showing friends my beginner turquoise collection jewelry and noticed this stone sort of jumped out of the picture. It was bluer and the color was sort of flat across the stone - not counting the matrix. Then I started reading up on turquoise and realized there are all sorts of stone out there that are doctored. I really love this stone, but it’s so flat blue - is it real?

Attached are close ups with the matrix pictures. The ring is signed WB. The side of the ring shows copper with the silver. Anything you can tell me about the stone or the artist is GREATLY appreciated.

PS: I am new so my posts are awaiting approval for a reply, if you comment - thanks.

How does the matrix feel? I’m still definitely a rookie, but a jewelers’ loupe to see the detail of the surface of the stone for how the color looks (not TOO even and maybe a little mottled) and if I can catch my nail a bit or see holes in the matrices make me feel better towards genuine.

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It’s a lovely color. Turquoise colors are pretty varied. I have a simple Sleeping Beauty ring that has no matrix and fairly robins egg blue. My little ones on the school bus called it my evil stepmother ring (from Cinderella :laughing:).


The turquoise doesn’t look real to me. Hope others with more expertise will chime in soon.

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by the way, you can feel the matrix it a little, but no crevices or cracks. These is a plastic feel to it - stabilized?

Thanks…it’s just… odd. I don’t know much about turquoise. Here is a matrix close up! Lot’s of tiny dots.
thanks for your answer! 20200720_185601|375x500

It does have an older appearance to it.
You could try sticking a hot pin/needle on the very edge by the bezel.

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It looks like a piece of stabilized turquoise.

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