New Turquoise and Coral Necklace- Royston?

Hi, I recently bought this necklace and am very curious about the turquoise and the overall value of the necklace. Also, the hallmark is not one that I’m familiar with so any help with that would be appreciated too. The necklace is long and measures 16 1/4” from clasp to the bottom of the pendant. It weighs 97.14 grams. The turquoise is a beautiful blue with a matrix that ranges from chocolate to caramel. The stone measures approximately 7.5 cm by 4 cm. The hallmark is not stamped but formed with wire which has been soldered to the back.
My questions are:

  1. Is the turquoise Royston and about how many carats?
  2. does anyone recognize the hallmark? Is it NA or Anglo?
    3)An appropriate value if possible.
    Thanks for your help! :blush: image image image image image image image

Wow. That is gorgeous. The bezel is unique and interesting. Could you post the back and the hallmark you described?

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Oh good grief, can’t believe I forgot that one. Will post it now.

Trying to upload a larger version of one picture so it is easier to see the bezel. When I enlarge the photo on my iPad, it blurs.image


I would call this a piece of Turquoise Mountain. It is a big stone, guess would be something like 120 carats. I am not familiar with this mark.


Thank you! I’m not even certain it’s Native American, but that stone was mesmerizing. I appreciate your help

that’s interesting - is it raised, like wire? or an optical illusion?

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Yes it is raised. It looks like someone formed the letters out of wire and then soldered them to the piece.

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It is really nice and the style is Native American, so until someone knows that hallmark I would lean that way.

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If tcw is 96 grams I would think the stone is at least 60 grams or 300 carats.

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Like your math—makes the turquoise worth much more than I paid for the necklace. Do measurements of the stone help because the length and width are in my original description.
I’ve always heard weight but have never known how to figure a set stone.
The other question I have is what is coral worth these days? Those three pieces are decent size.

That stones is mesmerizing indeed. You got a treasure so beautiful.

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