Newbie from Texas

I am retired but among other things I used to be a jeweler, but the hands don’t work as well as they used to. My favorite hobby now is hunting yard and estate sales for cool pieces of jewelry.


welcome, hope you find the site informative.

Welcome. I hope you will enjoy the site. There are some very knowledgeable people with a variety of experience. I have learned a lot. It will be good to have a retired jeweler in the group.
I also love searching out bargains but I’m still working and most of the year my weekends are spent on the job. Had a good yard sale find before I started at the market 10+ years ago. Picked up a box of miscellaneous stuff that I had hand picked. $40.00 and I had to unpack the box to make it fit in the car. (3 good sales that day). In it was a ring that I saw three people pick up and put down before I could get to it. Turned out to be .41 carat VVS diamond transitional cut 20-30’s. Appraised well and it’s in my “retirement fund “. As I’m sure you know, there are treasures out there to be found!
Wow, I’ve gotten carried away. It’s the Prednisone. Happy hunting!

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Welcome! Love your current hobby! Enjoy!