Newbie, looking for info

Hello, I’m unsure if I am posting this in the correct forum.
I have attached 2photos of 2 different squash blossoms that I’m interested in purchasing,but due to my limited knowledge I embarrassingly admit I don’t know what I’m looking at. If anyone can offer some insight/guidance I’d appreciate it.
The photo with the green stones- The gentleman believes them to be “calico lake” ( I assume he meant Carico) He stated sterling silver.

Photo w/blue stones. Says tested as sterling. I’m wondering an approximate value (if that’s possible to tell from my photos) & if they r genuine turquoise and sterling.
Thank you for any help


With my admittedly limited knowledge, I would say both are handmade, the green one seems older with fully hand made and soldered beads. Can’t really tell anything about the stones, the pic is to fuzzy to make out any detail. The blue one, the bead halves were soldered together by hand, but the bead halves themselves were machine made on a press. I would think they were both real turquoise but need clearer pics of both with the backs and close ups on some of the stones. I’m thinking 60’s - 80’s with the green one possibly a little older. I’ll leave values to the more experienced and also corrections if I got it to terribly wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have more images? What are the prices that the seller is asking for these pieces?

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