Newbie needing help

I recently inherited a collection of jewelry, half of it being silver & turquoise but I know nothing about it and need help identifying the values. A few pieces I am keeping for myself but the rest will eventually be sold. When I got it all I had NO clue how much money some of this could be worth until I started researching, but I am in over my head so any help with values on these pieces would be greatly appreciated!! (Makers marks are on the photos to make it easier)



I can help with a couple of the rings. R&GT is for Richard and Geneva Terrazas (he is Mexican and she is Zuni) and they are a married couple working since the 1980s (to help with aging). similar rings are in the $100 to 250 range if you google them. The ring and the earrings labeled QT is by a shop called Quoc Turquoise Inc that mass produces southwestern styled jewelry and is not native owned or native made (ring $40-50).

The labelling the photos with the letters is helpful but (eventhough a pain) a picture of the actual mark helps. There are many people that sign J but looking that the actual font and imprint can help.

I will keep looking at the ones you have submitted for more clues.