No. 8 turquoise

After seeing some beautiful No 8 mine turquoise pieces posted I tried to find some in my collection. I’m sad to say I don’t think I I have a piece of jewelry, but I decided to share this wonderful older No 8 turquoise mountain lion fetish by Bernard Homer. I bought it years ago from a friend who was selling their collection, and it is one of my favorite fetishes. I also have numerous No 8 cabs that I will photograph and post before too long.
This is a pretty large piece, 4.5” long with the older dark chocolate matrix:


What a cute little bear!

And of course the stone is beautiful.

Really beautiful! Awwww he wants to live with me…LOL

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#8 is so hypnotic to me. Very pretty piece!

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Some of my No. 8 cabs to add. I collected these over many years, nice to have this forum to share them😊


Beautiful cabs! Number 8 is one of my favorite stones.

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Very beautiful! Are you just keeping as a treasure or are you going to have them placed in a setting of Silver eventually?

I will eventually post mine. I have a ebay store where i sell African beaded jewelry. Ii am incorporating Turquoise into my work. Seems like the guys like it. Here is what i make.

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@Meandmy6 nice necklace…I like the mixing of unique beads with the center turquoise bead. I just love cabs and nuggets but always with the thought I might use one in a special sterling setting. There’s one of the No 8 cabs I’d love to have set into a pendant. I’m hoping more people will post their examples of cabs/nuggets from different turquoise mines, so much to learn.
Glad you liked my bear fetish; he’s one of my favorites


That bear is soooo adorable! I have started a collection of specimen size nuggets from different Turquoise mines in the Southwest but havent had time to post them as i am busy driving Jason nuts with…is this real…is this Turquoise…what is it? Lol.

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I found some cabs on another site today for like $125. Wish i had the money they are gorgeous

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