Not turquoise but best I could do this weekend

I know I’m straying from turquoise, but bear with me. Best I could do rockwise. Don’t really have any idea what these are, but really liked them (beaches are full of them).

Lake Superior is known for its agates, but I don’t know that that’s what these are.They would look cool set with turquoise!


Bottom, charcoal one is amygdule Basalt. Reddish one with stripes could be banded iron.


I saw that basalt is one of the rocks in Lake Superior. After looking some stuff up, I’m thinking a couple of those that are banded are agates. But you know more about rocks than I do! I’ll Google those. Thanks!

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Looks like the basalt!

And I’m thinking you are right on the banded iron also.

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I do not see any agates in your photo.

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Thanks! I’m not very familiar with them. I’m wondering if the top right is what is called a pudding stone. I read that they are a conglomerate. It also has a band of crystal type stuff in a crack. I really don’t know much about rocks other than turquoise LOL. Although I certainly spent a lot of time as a child picking them up while on the Great Lakes.

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