Number 8 Turquoise Pieces (SOLD!)

Hi all. I just purchased a bunch of stones, so I need to clear out some space for them. I’m selling these rough, natural pieces of Number 8 turquoise.

By no means are these high- grade museum pieces. I would consider them to be mid-grade pieces that are good examples of typical Number 8. I originally purchased these to use as photo props and to use as study specimens to help me more easily identify Number 8 when I’m shopping for vintage pieces.

The lot is approximately 58 grams, natural and un-stabilized. I am asking $60 shipped for all of the pieces. Pictured are the stones dry and wet. They are rough pieces, so they will shine up nicely if you chose to do so!



Mmmmm, tempting! They look to be what I can use, quality and price range-wise. How would you take/want payment? PM me, please?

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@Rosemaryr Send me a Private message with your PayPal email :slight_smile:

PM sent with email addy…

Thanks again Rosemary!:heart:

Arrived today, safe and sound. BEAUTIFUL! I wish I didn’t have to wait to get a work-bench together, and get these set in silver! And thank you for the extra finished cabs! That was completely unexpected, and I will be sure to do something special with them. I will be sure to post pics when that happens, but it may take awhile… buying a house will have to come first.

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I’m so glad you like them!! I can’t wait to see what you do with them!!:heart: