O Crespin cuff

O Crespin cuff.2 O Crespin cuff.3 O Crespin cuff.1

Hello to all,
I have an O Crespin signed spiny oyster + a few mixed gems inlay cuff. It looks like the metal is brass. Is there anyway to verify that brass is the metal source? Not even sure how to clean. Is it tarnished or is there a laqcuer finish to keep it looking this way. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you!!!

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Yellow brass has been used by a number of different silversmiths, you especially see these pieces when you see silver spike in price. When we have a piece that needs to be cleaned we put it to the buffing wheel like a piece of silver. So, for cleaning I would use one of those polishing cloths or gloves.

Thank you for the information!!