Old Bracelet?

I love this bracelet and am thinking about purchasing it. What do y’all think is the age, value and type of turquoise? I would really appreciate your opinion s on this one!sorry I don’t have any more information about it. Just the pictures

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Its old and very nice. You see this age and pure blue often called Lone Mountain. You see a wide range of prices on this age/style cuff, depends who you are dealing with. What are they asking? This is a bracelet that is similar era turquoise you could use to start your conversation of value.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I think it will be under $300. It’s at a sale so I don’t know for sure until I get there.

The nature of the silver is not obvious from these pics, nor certain to be the hammered ingot shown in Jason’s comparable pic. Hand-hammered ingot is a different level in the marketplace compared to thin gauge rolled or machine pressed. The scalloped edges on the one you’re considering are a machine pressed look, at least often. Again the pic detail is a little weak. Also, gram weight would tell you something, and I know you don’t have that.

If you’re happy when you see it and the price is what you think it will be, you’re in good stead.

How would I tell if it is hand hammered or machine pressed? What would I look for?

I just read a show an tell post by Jason. It seems I am looking for uneven thickness and stamping that is not symmetrical on both sides, and stress marks if it is hammered. I hope I got that right. Thanks y’all!