Old cuff, Is this stone stable enough?

Okay turquoise people, need your help once again. I’ve had this old cuff for quite awhile, but have only ever worn it once. With the amout of mayrix and thos one spot looks like a pretty good crack across the stone near the point end, I wonder if this stone is stable or if I should send it out to have it stabilized? I tend to be very hard on jewelry and I would be absolutely devastated if I were to break or lose this stone! And maybe just for fun, how old do you think this might be?


Cool old cuff. If you are unsure about a crack, rub your fingernail across it and you should be able to tell whether it’s a crack or just matrix. if it is a crack, there are probably several different ways that you could have it fixed. If it concerns you, there are several other much more knowledgeable people on here who could tell you in specific detail.


Definitely a crack and somewhat deep in some areas.

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I think that crack would concern me enough that I would send it to a jeweler that knows NA and turquoise jewelry to have it evaluated and likely reinforced.


Thank you! I believe I will.


I can think of two ways to “fix” that stone - glue & kintsugi. Kintsugi is a Japanese method of repairing ceramics, but I’ve seen jewelers use the same idea to fabricate a stone fix. Obviously that changes your bracelet, but if you love that stone…perhaps consider it.


Rocky at Perry Null Trading can secure this for you.


Thanks, that’s where I think I’ll be sending it.