Old Cuff or Reproduction?

So I have wondered for a long time if this piece is genuinely old Fred Harvey, or if it is a more modern reproduction. The price on the back it’s a little more than I paid (I normally don’t pay that much for jewelry, but I absolutely fell in love with this one) What do you guys think?


It is hard to tell from the picture. I want to say no, then I look a little more and think yes. Lot of the work you see that is from this Fred Harvey era is done in a manufacturing setting. If you look at those old pieces it is like a big press makes a single piece and the stamps match up perfectly on each side. You can tell that your bracelet is hand stamped. The other thing I take away from the picture is the height of the bezel. It is hard to see, but I think the height of this bezel is higher then what you see on those Fred Harvey pieces.


The bezel is important when dating pieces and that definitely slipped my mind. I go back and forth every time I look at it. Some days when I wear it, it’s old. Other times, it’s new. I love it either way!


Try getting you hands on Fred Harvey Jewelry: 1900-1955 by Dennis June. You can obtain a new copy for around 30 dollars, used for less. This will help alot.


What are the key points to look for to establish age?

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My feeling is that it’s a newer piece inspired by the Fred Harvey era bracelets, and a little better made than they often were. Heavier silver, higher domed cab, and hand stamped as Jason says. One thing that makes me think it might be newer is the bright teal color of the stone; it seems so often the Harvey stones have developed a darker/greener tint with age. But I’m following to see what others think because I am by no means an expert.

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Thanks! I actually have this text, but it’s locked away in storage.

I would like to know too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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