Old Fetish Necklaces

Old serpentine fetish necklaces.- told these were purchased in the 1950’s



It is difficult to tell from the picture, the heishe will be an important part of the clue.

Hi Jason, Was able to get original provenance on these, the heishi are newer than the fetishes and the fetishes and larger cut stone beads are the pre-1950, had been restrung - the fetishes and stone beads - had been purchased unstrung - would be nice to get some same period heishi to have them restrung with - fetishes are wonderful. What would you reccomend?

I think it is fine the way it is, just suggesting the heishe would help to determine the age. The way the heishe appears uneven and big really goes well with those fetishes.

Yes I agree, these are really something in person- from one of the founders of the Colorado Mineral Societies collection -