Old Green Ring

I’ve never known what this stone is but love the ring. A jeweler told me it dates from very early 1900s and is set in gold. Is this turquoise or something else? If so, I wonder if it started out life as a different color, given that wear and body oils can change the color, and noting the crevices and holes on the surface. No hallmarks as this this is not Native American but rather someone found a nice stone to make into a ring.



Looks like Carico Lake Turquoise. Trying to find the history of the mine, just don’t know about that early 1900s.


@Jason thanks for the tip! I will do a little looking on that as well.

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@Jason…another question comes to mind. How should I be caring for this ring? As you see in one of the pictures, there are some craters and crevices on one side. Can that become a crack, and how can I clean the ring and prevent something bad starting?

Seems like I’d heard mineral oil at some point as a way to condition the stone but that seems counterintuitive to maintaining its color so I never tried it.


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What a Gorgeous setting! Love the interlacing and that “cupped” bezel. Looks art nouveau. The stone is so vibrant…just lovely altogether! Was it an inheritance?


@Scdub thank you! It was the detail on the setting that caught my eye. No, not inherited…I bought it at the flea market from a jewelry dealer who’s a regular there.


It just the character of the ring, I wouldn’t do anything to the stone. If you wear the ring frequently it will clean it self.


Carico Lake material =1909 if this website’s information is accurate.

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I would agree with Jason about the Carico Lake Turquoise. If you want to give the ring an overall cleaning you can use warm (not hot) water and dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Please don’t oil turquoise it will change the color and make it collect dust and dirt. The only stone I know that “needs oil and moisture” is an opal but even then continual wear give the stone enough body oils to survive. That’s a fantastic ring. I love the gold work! Kyle


exceptionally beautiful stone in a handsome setting

the patterning in this stone somehow brings the look of ‘shagreen’ (stingray skin) to mind

while i am not at all certain, am i all alone in thinking that this cabochon might just be variscite ?

enjoy !