Old? I love these stones

I got this at auction a little while back. I’m not sure what the metal is–the ends were kind of orange, so I thought it wasn’t silver. As I wear it, it has been polishing itself some, and seems more like silver, although probably not sterling. No hallmarks of any kind.

The stones do not have the shiny finish that I think of as stabilized. But they are turquoise, right? What do y’all think?


What a great bracelet, silver just nobody wore it for a longtime. Like you said, the more you wear it the more you will polish it. The stone is an amazing color. Maybe something like fox turquoise? Could definitely have changed color over time, it seems to have some blues mixed in with those greens.


Old, and what a great bracelet! Not all NA jewelry was hallmarked or marked sterling way back. It’s got a nice old patina on it.


Reminds me of Landers, and definitely looks natural. That matrix is unusual with the spiderweb. Sure is pretty!