Old Needle Point Bolo Tie

Hope everyone had a great holidays! This one came in late last year. Not sure about the age or value. It is just over 3 inches long, 2 inches wide.Weighs just under 50g in total. Patina is very deep. No markings of any kind anywhere on it. Any assistance with age and value would be appreciated. Hate to wear something that should be under glass if you know what I mean! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Interesting piece. I wonder if this was part of a concho belt at one time, would explain the copper backing and the piece having no markings. I don’t think of it as an ancient piece.

As usual your attention to detail is sharp. I completely missed the copper and it’s possibilities. Much appreciated Jason. My education continues. Many thanks!

@Christibo, so I have this brooch. Also unmarked. Surely it’s the same artist.
Did you ever discover any thing further on your piece?

I did not find out anything more, and have since sold mine. Does yours have the copper on the back? Jason is dead right on mine being from a concho belt.

It has some strange indentations on the back, 15 or 20, that look like it was struck or tapped pretty hard with something, very random though. To my untrained eye, I see no sign of anything having been attached previously.

Yup I don’t see anything that would suggest it was something re-purposed. Hard to tell who made it without any markings, so many do very similar work. It is a nice example for sure. If you are not keen to wear it as a brooch, then you can find a brooch converter on etsy or amazon. it is a little hollow tube that slips over the pin, which has a bail attached for a chain.

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I was not aware of that. I have many of these brooches and it would be good to have that option. I will look into that. thanks.

google brooch to pendant converter. They have both vertical and horizontal converters out there! :slight_smile: