Old Petrified Wood Cuff with 'Snake-Eye' Turquoise

Thanks in advance for any info!
I’m having trouble finding a value/price to put on this…
I can’t find anything similar enough & the prices I find for petrified wood cuffs in general are all over the place!
Most of what I can find looks newer & polished, as well.
To me this looks old, plus, it looks like it’s been repaired. The twisted strand in the middle is not attached to the base (I don’t know if that’s the correct terminology, but I hope you understand what I mean!).
Does anyone have a guess as to what this is worth?


This cuff is soooo cool! This is something I would buy for myself. Although, I’m not convinced that this is petrified wood. I believe it’s actually picture jasper.

I found this one for comparison, but I think it’s a bit on the high side as far as price is concerned:

If you are able to get your cuff repaired (should not cost more that $10 for a simple solder) I would be asking around $225-$245 for it, due to it already having been repaired.

Thanks for the reply!
I have to ask, why don’t you think it’s petrified wood?
I looked at a few others, but none look like your pic… plus, I can’t find one (that looks like mine) with turquoise!
I’m also wondering about the style, age & or maker… to me, it looks very different than the others I have looked at!?

So, I went out in my backyard and handled a few pieces of petrified wood. And I must say, I might be wrong. I’m still convinced that it’s a jasper, but let’s see what someone else thinks! It’s a very unusual cuff. It looks to be Fred Harvey era, around 1950 or before. I think one of the cool things about your cuff is that even though it’s from the era of what we call “tourist” jewelry, it doesn’t look like a “tourist” piece. Which might be why you have trouble finding an identical one. Are there any hallmarks on it that you can see?

If it does turn out to be petrified wood, I might ask a little more price- wise (but that’s just because I really like petrified wood! :yum:)

I found this petrified wood ring that has turquoise.

I think this is petrified wood, too. This cuff reminds me of reading somewhere that during World War II, when turquoise was scarce, artists worked with petrified wood, Acoma jet and garnets, which they could get on the reservations. Also, the tourists really liked petrified wood.

This has a great patina and feeling of age, which I hope doesn’t get cleaned off when it’s repaired.

Took a quick picture of some petrified wood we have here, it is amazing all the different colors. The bracelet definitely has a cool look. Petrified wood doesn’t capture as much money as turquoise pieces from this time period do. I think some where around $350 sounds right. Thanks for sharing.


My whole life i have seen similar pieces being sold as “picture jasper,” and I’ve sold pieces that I’ve described as picture jasper as well. Do you know of a good way to distinguish the two?

Bree, your post sent me off searching and reading stuff posted by rock hounds and geologists on forums that they frequent, where, I’ve just learned, they often make fun of misattributions of minerals.

Here is my understanding of my reading, condensed to a couple bullet points:

  1. Jasper and petrified wood are cousins. They are both made of very finely crystallized chalcedony, which is a form of quartz. Petrified wood is considered a form of agate.

  2. Jasper is opaque, while agate (petrified wood) is translucent. That is, you can see light through it. It’s more quartz-y.

  3. Picture jasper is petrified mud or petrified sediments coming together. Petrified wood is, well, like the name says.

  4. The colors of both jasper and agate vary based on the presence of different minerals.

I was looking through what I have on hand, stuff that I own & wear.

Here are two petrified wood bracelets, one Harvey era and the other later. (The latter has very cool bezel – each prong is a tiny trefoil. Hard to see the work in this picture.) This stuff looks very glassy and quartz-like to me. The top one look like partly rare, charbroiled meat, maybe brushed with red bar-b-que sauce. The bottom one has mahogany and mustard and black streaks through it.

This is picture jasper. Talk about a stone that haunts you. Sometimes I think this looks like a Southwestern cliff. At other times I think it looks like a billowing cloak or skirts, such was what 19th century dancers Loie Fuller or Isadora Duncan would flare out when they danced. I tried not to buy this but had to. Anyway, look how matte and flat this is, compared with the petrified wood. But of course, it has its own charms.


Thank you so much for your response! Your cuffs are beautiful!!! I have to go into my inventory and re- tag everything now. That picture jasper cuff is beautiful though, I’m so glad you purchased it! Thank you again for your response, it was very informative!

That is mesmerizing! Thanks for the info about the difference in petrified wood and picture jasper.

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Now I’m wondering what this is … jasper or petrified wood?


Petrified wood is jasper.

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petrified wood, very pretty ring