Old squash blossom necklace; possibly Bisbee?

Greetings Turquoise lovers.
As I was going through my inventory of retail pieces, I came upon this petite squash blossom I purchased several years ago along with others pieces from the estate of an elderly woman who collected in the 50ā€™s - 60ā€™s. I kept this piece back; the turquoise just spoke to me. Although it does not have the characteristic lavender or Smokey characters, the stones are natural and deep blue with brownish veining. The last stone on the right side of the Naja is missing a small piece allowing visualization of the same color throughout the interior of the cab. Bisbee is just my gut feeling; Iā€™d really appreciate the opinions of others.
Thank you, and Happy New Year to all!


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And, one more. The blue is actually deeper than shown in the pictures.


It is a beautiful piece, I would lean more Kingman.