Old Stock Cabs from Old Kingman Mine

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I have a few cabs, that I think are unique. They come from the Old Kingman Mine. All the stones are Natural unstabilized old stock. I plan to list them on ebay. But thought Id try here as well. All pics are taken with an iphone and are as true as I could get them. For those of you that value the authenticity aspect. These stones have been in the possession of one person since they were first mined. And have never left their home town of origin. I guess you might say they’ve been mined…“and raised” in Kingman, AZ. ( I couldn’t resist it… sorry) :laughing:

Cabs may be bought individually or as a lot. Price is negotiable/offers considered. Please private message me if you see anything you are interested in. Or if you have any general questions/comments I can answer those here.

This first cab weighs 101.5 carats and is 44.45 x 25.4 mm in size

Cab #2 weighs 80 carats and is 30 x 25 mm in size

Cab #3 is 50 x 35 mm in size. I apologize I don’t have the weight yet, but will asap.

Cab #4 weighs 56.5 carats and is 35 x 20 mm in size