Ongoing Help with Mom's Collection - Post #3

Working around the limit on photos. These are some of the earrings and rings. Again, appreciate everyone’s help and input!

Earrings (first set are clip on, second are screw-back)



Nice collection! I am not sure how much help you are going to get asking about so many pieces…

You might consider investing in the hallmark books, that would get you started at least. Then you can compare with what is for sale online. Another thing to note is that values that members list here are usually retail. Most if us that buy and sell don’t buy at those prices. You should look into either an auction house or an Etsy shop to sell your collection.

Thanks Chris. That is good advice, I was torn between posting things individually and flooding the boards, and posting things in collections.

I have the 4 most well-known reference books, and have been able to ID about 60% of the signed pieces. Being able to reference the artist has really helped in determining value.

All of the ones in the most recent posts are not signed, and these are the ones I’m having the most trouble with, hence trying to find help with dating/value etc.

You would probably do best to open an Etsy shop. It would be a lot of work to research each piece and price it appropriately, but you would get the best return and it sounds like you have already done a lot of that work. It looks like you have an amazing collection and I know I would check out your Etsy shop! Let us know if you do and we’ll be there. Alternatively you could try to sell it through dealers. They might either purchase from you at a wholesale price or allow you to consign pieces with them. I imagine they would want to see it in person before making any offers. There are some dealers who travel so this may be possible without going to the southwest.

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Billy the Kid Auction house in NM, is one of many on They seem to do a booming business on their monthly auctions. So far I haven’t been able to win anything because they have over 2,000 followers and the stuff is bid up pretty high despite the fees. I’m not sure what or if they even charge clients, but the buyers have to pay them a 20% fee on top of the sale price. Some auction houses charge both buyers and sellers a premium. And there is the risk of some things selling cheap. Etsy may be best bet, though. Cheap fees and you control the price.

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