Opal and obsidian cuff bracelet

I recently bought this beautiful cuff bracelet which is allegedly from the 1950’s
It is silver with opals and obsidian.
The seller was unsure if it was Zuni or Navajo and the piece is not signed. I have been told by a friend who is Native American and who has an impressive collection of her own, that artists in the old days did not always sign their pieces.
I was in a store recently and a woman told me she was from New Mexico and the last time she saw a piece like mine was when she was a child and her grandmother had one. The lady looked to be in her seventies at least.
I just adore the piece … very pretty. Would welcome ideas or suggestions as to the possibility of it’s origins.
Thank you

Thank you for sharing. If you could possibly get a better picture that would be helpful. Today a silversmith will head down to the supply store and purchase wire, very easy. In the 1950s the silversmith had to make his own wires and that was not as easy. That is why most of the older pieces you see are made on a solid piece that was hammered out or casted. In the 1950s the only people doing stone work like this is the Zuni artists. Today this style would most likely be made by a Navajo artist. However, this material is something that wouldn’t be common during the 1950s. It is true that hallmarks are not common in the 1950s.


Thank you Jason…I will take some good close-up shots and post them. I learned something today thanks to you.

The photo I already posted does not show the true color of the ‘obsidian’ … I know obsidian is supposed to be black but these are more of a rust/ruby color so someone suggested it was not obsidian. I will take better photos.