Opal Bracelet Cuff Makers Mark

I’ve been trying to figure out the makers mark on this Sterling Silver Opal Bracelet Cuff but haven’t had much luck. At this point I don’t think it’s Navajo or Hopi; my guess it’s commercially made. Any insight would be appreciated.


The bracelet is lost wax cast rather than hand fabricated, and looks like production casting, so there are likely others just like it circulating on the secondary market. I’d keep an eye on Ebay and Etsy for similar pieces and origin description.


It’s pretty. Like the design.

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I wasn’t too sure what type of casting it was - Thank you for the info! As for makers mark - I was tempted to go with Shube’s Manufacturing Inc.but I stopped short due to no copyright logo and I wasn’t able to see the top part of “?”-STER - zoom in and it does have the shape buuuut

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