Opinions on type of turquoise?

Hi, it’s been awhile since I posted; thank you for the recommendations regarding jewelry in the Tucson area. I ended up in Tubac at a store that left me breathless with all the jewelry from Old Pawn to modern artists. Worth a trip back to Tucson just to go to Tubac. I was on a quest for Bisbee, found a wonderful stone in a Bisbee jewelry store but disliked the mounting. The Tubac shop had several pieces of Bisbee but none were “the one.” For Christmas, though, a friend researched and bought me the attached from what he believes is a reputable dealer. Sold as a Bisbee ring from the 80s, the ring is marked 925 sterling, but no maker’s mark. It appears to have some pyrite inclusions and maybe a small area of quartz? This is not a great closeup pic but the best I could do. Just wondering if those of you wiser than I (and that’s pretty much all of you) would venture a guess as to whether this is Bisbee. The picture that is NOT a closeup most accurately shows the colors. Thanks.


source: https://waddellgallery.com/pages/turquoise-materials


Boy, I don’t know. I have a buckle and a ring with Bisbee, but they look very different than that. But we all know turquoise can puzzle us. It’s a lovely ring. It does look kinda like that long skinny one in the top right of Steve’s pic.

Glad to hear you like Tubac. Been to Arizona many times and haven’t gotten there yet; hopefully in the future. I’ve read about it fairly often in my AZ Highways magazine. We usually go north of Phoenix when we’re there.